Diner Drivin' - Part 6

HH and I did some Diner Drivin’ last month, one of our favorite things to do on the road. We were in Las Vegas, so the Four Kegs was the next stop on our list. Guy Fieri talked about the Four Kegs in his first book Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. It was one of his favorites while going to UNLV.

I looked up the directions before we hit the road so there would be no problem getting there. As we got off on the exit, HH (“oh ye of little faith” in this case) spotted the dilapidated former-restaurant in the strip mall to our right and thought we were in for another version of “Holly didn’t do her homework.” (See Diner Drivin Part 5)

The Four Kegs was just past the no-longer restaurant, with plenty of cars parked outside. Now, it is not the most glamorous place on the outside, definitely natural-light-challenged. We walked in and saw the bar (we stopped a minute so our eyes could adjust), there were a number of folks hanging at the bar at noon-ish on a Tuesday. The bartender assumed we may be looking for the restaurant and directed us to the left and around the corner.

Okay, again, not the most glamorous place, but the Stromboli was highly recommended and supposed to be worth a try. We slid into the well worn naugahyde booth with faux wood table top, the waitress stopped by with our menus. The waitress was seasoned and a definite fixture, but very kind and accommodating.

HH ordered the all-meat Stromboli; I ordered the turkey and Swiss Stromboli, with a little sauce on the side – red sauce, that is. We waited patiently as others started to arrive. We were entertained by the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives US map on the wall, with a cup of push pins for you to “mark the spot” you traveled from to visit. Southern California was pretty full, so we didn’t clutter it up any further.

Our Stromboli arrived –

golden and hot, perfectly wrapped tender dough on a plastic beige kitchen plate, with a Styrofoam bowl of red sauce on the side.

We cut into our Stromboli, took a bit and all the lack of color, light, freshness and (seemingly) personality that we saw at the Four Kegs came bursting through in that first bite. They were delicious! Sometimes you have to “see” with all your senses to get the true picture.

We were reminded don’t judge a book by the cover, taste the inside of the Stromboli – what you came for – before forming any final opinions. The Four Kegs was definitely worth the trip off the beaten path of the Strip.

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