Bowl Season Oops!

As you may know, we are in the middle of Bowl Season at the Diner. So Bowl Season also means leftovers for later. Sometimes that might be lunch the next day, or if there is enough, dinner for another night.

Well, I pulled out of the freezer a zip lock bag of Molé for dinner later in the week. I let the bag thaw, and on one hurried evening that I knew I would have, I got a warm, bubbling pot of Molé ready for HH when he arrived at the Diner that night.

It was time for dinner; I served the Molé into my favorite Fiesta Ware bowls, got some crackers (saltines for me and Club crackers for HH), called HH to the table and started to cool my Molé. Now, I usually wait until HH is seated before starting with my first bite of dinner, but for some reason I didn’t on this evening. I started crumbling up my crackers, got them doused in the Molé, took a spoonful and took my first bite…mmmm! Not as chocolately as I remember, but good. Another spoonful; HH is still getting something to drink…

All of a sudden I realize this is not Molé! This is a big bowl of Art’s Special Sauce sans pasta!

Oh dilemma…do I try to pass this off as Molé and hope HH doesn’t notice? Or do I fess-up since red sauce WITH pasta is not his favorite, and certainly not just a big bowl of red sauce!

I decided the better choice was to tell him, offer to cook up some pasta or let him do something else. As far as my bowl was concerned,I was committed; I had a big, healthy bowl of Art’s Special Sauce with crackers for dinner.

HH had

Tuna Melt - Man Food.

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