Twelve Days of Cupcakes - on the Seventh Day...

Egg Nog Cupcakes

These were going to be so good! I love egg nog during the holidays. This was originally a pound cake recipe, I think it may be better this way. The pound cake recipe will allow the moisture to shine through. (I think these got over baked, too. One has to be so careful with overbaking.)

Remember, you have to like Egg Nog to like this, don’t try it if you don’t! I love Baskin-Robbins Egg Nog ice cream, so I’m good. (By the way, Baskin-Robbins starts carrying Egg Nog ice cream on November 15 each year. Each store in my area gets one big tub, when it’s gone, it’s gone so don’t delay!)

This recipe can be found in Southern Living, December 2009 issue, page 176.

Happy Holly-days!

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