Twelve Days of Cupcakes, on the First Day...

Mexican Chocolate Pound (Cup)Cake

Last year cookies, this year cupcakes! I hope you are ready!

I have been baking all year, turning cake recipes into cupcake recipes, with a few challenges along the way.

This Twelve Days starts with something very Southern – Southern California, that is. Mexican Chocolate Pound Cupcakes. These are a little spicy, deliciously chocolately and plenty moist. Definitely something different and worth trying!

This recipe can be found in Southern Living, November 2010 issue, page 102.

Happy Holly-days!


  1. The Christmas lights are really cute and the Holly in the hair is an appropriate accessory. I would like a copy of the recipe for these cupcakes. I like spicy chocolate.

  2. Oooh! Me too! I looove the mexican hot chocolate... and in cupcakes. Yumm!

    There is that coffee hut at the gas station on Del Mar Heights Rd. (on your way to Ralphs) that has AMAZING Mexican Hot Chocolate and flavored whipped cream (my favorite is the marshmallow flavored). I highly recommend it.