Thanksgiving Planning

Thanksgiving planning has begun, is in full swing, and that means the rest of the menu takes, well, the back seat. And I’ve been so remiss on updating the Diner. Sorry about that.

Last night at the Diner was “serve yourself.” HH took advantage and made his version of SOS – tuna melt on toast. “Man Food” he proclaimed. Definitely not a normal menu item at Holly’s Diner, but certainly delicious (to some diners.)

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving planning. To catch you up…

- Made “The List” two weeks ago, what to serve and shopping
- Went shopping on Friday
- Boiled eggs for deviled eggs on Friday
- Determined what to fix on which day of “Thanksgiving Week” yesterday
- Today, bake cornbread for stuffing, then let sit to get dry; bake yams for “sweet potato” casserole; make Cranberry Waldorf Jell-O
- Tomorrow, prep green beans; start turkey brine
- Wednesday, prep potatoes and soak in water before cooking; separate egg whites from yolks, prep deviled egg mixture; make Parker House Rolls
- Thursday, everything!

So, SS, if you need The List, just let me know and I’ll send it to you right away – there’s still time!

Ooohhh…I can’t wait!!

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