Table for Two

Thanksgiving was de-li-cious at the Diner this year. (Well, it is every year, just a different type of deliciousness this year.) Anyway, HH wanted to smoke the turkey on the Weber. After lots of research, much planning, plenty of prep the bird was read!
Here’s the brine, the rub and the grill – this bird was so amazing!

The Diner still smells like smoky goodness, oh my!

What was supposed to be more ended up being a Table for Two, it was fine. We still had plenty to be thankful for, and had plenty to share with others – a to-go care pack went out as soon as we had gobbled our way through the dinner.

The best part, there is more to enjoy for days after!

Here at Holly’s Diner, I hope you and your loved ones shared a warm, cozy, belly-filling (but not busting) good time.

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