Southern Adventure

I made my annual trek to my favorite Southern town, Homewood in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s my favorite for a lot of reasons – SS is there; Miss Audrey is there; my favorite independent book store, The Alabama Booksmith, is there; the Piggly Wiggley in all it’s glory; my extended Southern “relatives”; the fall colors; Halloween traditions. Oh, and it’s pretty much the only Southern town I have spent any time in!

I still want to get to Monroeville, Savannah, New Orleans, Bogey’s Pad (not the proper name), and a few more.

This year’s Southern adventure meant Mexican soup (really chili with corn) on the patio in the evening in Dots and Daisy mugs (SS picked it up at the school bake sale), delicious; multiple trips to the Piggly Wiggley, first to get HH’s fix of Smucker’s Peach Jelly (why can’t stores in my neck of the woods carry this?!) and my new friend, George, the manager who is going to send me a Piggly Wiggley apron (that’s another story I’ll tell if the apron actually arrives, SS was dumbfounded by this one!); grass-fed beef burgers at Do Di Yo’s in the “cosmopolitan” part of Homewood (Miss Audrey had chicken fingers and fries, SS and John had plates that fed them for two more days!) And all this was in the first 24 hours!

Then it was a day for SS and I; we gave up last year’s opportunity to get ready for the big Halloween party for Miss Audrey and friends. We prepped for the “family get-together” that night and had lunch at Flips Burgers.

Believe it or not, this was my burger!

SS had the Asian BBQ - a burger with braised short rib sitting on top.

I had the Thai Chicken “flip” - really a delicious chicken burger with a full salad on top in a lettuce wrap. I was a little surprised when it arrived I really wants a taste of that bun, but it was delicious.

That evening we prepared a hearty fall feast for my extended Southern relatives (really SS’s, but I’m claiming them!) – rosemary rubbed, prosciutto wrapped grilled chicken and drizzled with balsamic syrup (that's right, isn't it SS?); pumpkin risotto with parmasean; sautéed green beans with cranberries (okay, craisens really). All served on the Dots and Daisies that SS has, started by and inspired by our grandmother, Nana.

The next day we were getting ready for the Auburn football game that evening. Miss Audrey and I made gingerbread cupcakes (in anticipation for The Twelve Days of…).

SS and I had a conversation about the best part of making cupcakes – I say the batter! Licking the beaters and the bowl, specifically. Someone's got to teach Miss Audrey the good things in life!

SS was shocked! “What about the raw eggs?,” she said. I just don’t think they “count” when it comes to batter - pish posh. She thinks the best part if the frosting.

Same family, growing up in different households, therefore different parts of the cupcake. A good combination.

We also visited Dreamcakes earlier in the day, I had to have a Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, sooo good! This was our late afternoon pick-me-up. Next we went to Saw’s BBQ, OMG! We walked in and my breath was taken away! This was my kind of place! I couldn’t get me camera out fast enough! Snap, snap, snap!! More on Saw’s next time…

Fortunately, Auburn won that night. I got more education on college football (not quite the same as rooting for the Chargers.)

My Southern adventures, and dreams, continue. Halloween is such a great time to visit the South. Who knows where my adventure will lead to in the future, I can’t wait!


  1. You and HH are welcome at Bogey's Pad anytime! We do have 3 restuarants that have been on Diners-Drives and Dives! That's gotten count for something! Plus Price's Chicken (Best Chicken around) Just don't come during summer WAY TOO HOT... :)

  2. While I haven't been to Birmingham, I have been to the FIRST Piggly-Wiggly, built in Memphis. Of course, the store is gone, but I do have a nice picture of the historic plaque. I have also been to the home of the Worlds Largest Shopping Bag in Jackson, TN. All part of a 3 day Jimmy Buffett road trip....need I say more?

  3. Sounds like snacks were high on the priority list for that trip...

  4. By snacks, if you mean pulled pork sandwiches - definitely! We ate them every chance we had.