Southern Adventure - Saw's BBQ

After returning from Homewood, Alabama over Halloween (my annual trek), I have to dedicate an entry to Saw’s BBQ. OMG, Amazing!!

SS and I were talking and realized that I have only had BBQ one other time during my visits to Alabama, I remember once. I don’t even remember the food, just the slight bit of tension at the table. Believe it or not, babies are not born with table/restaurant manners. So at the age of about four or five, Miss Audrey was a bit of a challenge to her Dad that night.

So this trip, it was decided that we would get take-home from Saw’s BBQ in Homewood for the Auburn game on TV.

We stopped next door at Dreamcakes first to have a little afternoon pick-me-up; I chose the red velvet cupcake, yum! Then SS, Miss Audrey and I went next door to Saw’s BBQ. We walked in and I knew this was my kind of place.

Down-home, stuff all over the walls, only a few tables, locals eating and enjoying, orders served in those plastic little baskets with a piece of deli paper to hold the food – no fuse, no muse – type of stuff.

I started snapping photos – diners hunkering down to pulled pork slathered in BBQ sauce, amazing looking Mac and cheese, smoke coming from the back, personality everywhere.

As I’m taking photos, I can hear SS tell the cashier who I was and what the heck I was doing, I’m sure he wondered – crazy woman walks in and starts taking photos of everything! It turned out that he was the husband of a teacher SS teaches with, and Saw’s is their place. Once hear the story, he pointed out a few things like the chalk board menu above his head and offered to let me take a few photos of the back. But watch your step; it’s a little slick from all that smoky barbeque porky goodness!

SS said we were getting the pulled pork, pulled chicken, coleslaw, Mac and cheese and, red and white BBQ sauce. What?! Red and White?! Red for the pork, of course, and white for the chicken. Wow, a new experience, cool!

Saw’s BBQ even had a sign that fit the evening – Auburn football and BBQ in the fall in the South.

So, homeward-bound in Homewood for a new BBQ experience. Next came plating, anticipating and learning. SS said the white BBQ sauce, although it looked like pan gravy (mmmm, pan gravy…oh, sorry, got distracted), it was more like a ranch dressing. John didn’t use sauce, he expects the meat to hold and communicate the flavor, and it did. But as a girl who likes sauce, I slathered it on. Both sauces were thinner than I’m used to back home, and more vinegary than I imaged, but delicious nonetheless. The Mac and cheese creamy and yummy too!

As I look at the menu remembering the smells, sights and slipperiness of the place, I see that I missed the Carolina Dog with chili and slaw! Darn! Next time, Carolina Dog at Saw’s and another Red Velvet cupcake from Dreamcakes. Yum.

So the next time you pass through Homewood, stop at Saw’s BBQ, what a multi-sensory treat!


  1. Pulled Pork on squishy white bread???? What could be better? I'm just not to sure about that "white" sauce.

  2. I was excited to taste it, but it was really too vinegary for me. Would have liked pan gravy instead.

  3. Oh yes. Dip-Dab, as my sister-in-laws Mom called it!