Tomato Harvest 2010

Tomato Harvest 2010 was a definite success!

There were tomatoes for homemade tacos, tomatoes for BLTs, tomatoes for Caprese Salad, tomatoes for sandwiches, tomatoes for burgers, tomatoes for side salads, tomatoes to share, tomatoes to can, and tomatoes for Mother Nature.

This season’s harvest came to an end a week and a half ago. I had left the last tomato on the last plant to ripen. I went out the about a week ago to see if it was ready, it was but Mother Nature sent one of her critters over to “lunch.” Apparently the last tomato of the season was not for me.

Oh well, there are still tomatoes to enjoy at the Diner, with the first of the canned tomatoes used for Albondigas.

It didn’t look any different. It didn’t smell any different. But is sure tasted different!

So delicious, so flavorful, so full of summer sun! Okay, maybe I was projecting that, but it sure was great to use our homegrown tomatoes!

I also used the sauce this past week for pasta and red sauce, and a little left over for a deep dish pizza – equally as tomatoey fresh and delicious. It’s really cool to savor the summer on a cool fall evening.

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