Game Day Breakfast

The breakfast crowd at the Diner was in a hurry this morning. Our special beer pancakes with a side of sausage and fried eggs were on the menu.

Unfortunately, the cook was feeling the pressure of a 10 AM Chargers at St. Louis start. Replacing water with beer in the pancakes makes them lighter and fluffier, unless you don’t add enough beer! That’s what happened during this morning’s breakfast rush.

The pancake batter poured out like cement, no extra beer available and the clock ticking. These cakes ended up so thick they were, well, cakey not fluffy. They tasted fine, but I have to talk to the cook about rushing it. She can do better than that!


  1. I think that by now you have job security. You have spoiled HH.

  2. And served at the time of kick-off, the density of the pancake is not foremost on his mind!