It’s HH’s favorite time of year – Dinner-in-a-Bowl Season!

Beef Stroganoff was on the menu the other night. A new recipe from Paula Dean, but surprisingly no butter in the recipe!

This was a slow cooked beef tip and onion dish – I even put the cream of mushroom soup in that it called for, I DO NOT like mushrooms. But in this format, not so noticeable – it’s a texture thing.

Anyway, egg noodles, slow cookin’ ready for the dinner crowd at the Diner on a gloomy day – perfect!

Oh, and it has my favorite condiment in it – sour cream. Ohhhh, I love sour cream. After scooping out of the container what is needed, I get to lick the spoon, yummy.

Sorry, got sidetracked. Beef Stroganoff served with bread and butter, just like HH likes it.

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