Rubber Chicken

If you stop by the Diner, you never know what will be on the menu. Often it’s chicken. And while the chicken pot pie is bubbling, or the chicken mole enchiladas are simmering, or the stuffed chicken breast is sautéing, or HH's favorite chicken is frying we might just break out the “Girls” for an impromptu rubber chicken toss.

The Girls are the Henrietta chickens. The more petite ones are for kids, and the adults always get the big girls. No matter the time of year you will find them in their purple polka dot bikinis with their red lipstick in place, ready for a toss.

While in Seattle I found Earl.

Need I say more? Probably not, but the resume that came with Earl stated the following:

Earl – The Utimate Chick MagnetMeet Earl, conceived in the back of an old pick-up truck in Memphis, Earl became a legend in his own mind. He never looked back at his less than humble beginnings, preferring instead to bask in the glory of his alter-ego, “Earlvis.” Between gigs at the now famous nightclubs, “Charred & Feathered” and “Escape the Coyote”, Earl is very busy breaking hearts wherever he goes. A life-long bachelor, Earl’s smoldering good looks and charming personality make him the ultimate “chick” magnet. Now semi-retired, Earl owns a small honky-tonky joint in Daytona Beach where “Earlvis” sightings are occasionally reported.

Oh my! The Girls are definitely going to have to educate Earl on the pecking order of the Diner!

By the way, all the chickens make noise. The Girls have their squeaker in their throats, so when you squeeze them they sound like, well, a chicken. Earl’s squeaker, on the other hand, is located in his…pants. When you squeeze him it sounds like something rude boys do and need to say “excuse me” for. I’m sure the Girls will teach him well.


  1. So, have you been sipping the 'ole cooking sherry?

  2. With Earl in the kitchen I might need to. Boy, does he have attitude!

    Ask LL, she'll tell you that we toss rubber chickens at the Diner!

  3. Its true! ANd.. if you toss, you get a ribbon. Its a great deal.

  4. I think Earl should join the girls at the fair. He would cause quite a reaction. I agree with GarlicGal. except I think it is waaay stronger than cooking sherry!

  5. I think Earl will be reserved for the Men's division at the Fair. Two Henriettas and Earl, he is quite the character!