What's Cookin' @ the Diner

We had a busy Labor Day weekend at the Diner – replacing some windows and holiday barbequing in between.

On Sunday it was burgers, always a favorite at the Diner. I think this was the last of the big homegrown tomatoes on those burgers for this season. Although there are still lots of cherry tomatoes to harvest, the bun-sized tomatoes are done.

Then for Monday, it was tri-tip on the smoker. HH was the Chef of the Day, so the tri-tip went on the Weber to smoke with his new remote temperature gauge – it worked really well!

I did the corn-on-the-cob on the grill. It was five ears for $1, so I got ten. I grilled all ten, we ate our fill and I de-kernelled the others to freeze for corn chowder this fall/winter.

Ten little corns on the grill

We had the rest of the giant tomato from the burgers the night before on the side with the corn-on-the-cob and tri-tip. So delicious!

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