Pikes Place Market

A trip to Pikes Place Market a few days ago meant fish, fruit, tea, and, well, the most interesting fish & chips I have ever seen.

One of our stops in Seattle definitely needed to be Pikes Place Market. It was a beautiful day, we got lucky on parking and it was off to the market for an abundance of, well, food of course! I have to say that it wasn’t exactly as I anticipated, there were a lot more merchandise booths than I had envisioned. But the food certainly did not disappoint!

(Look at that Ling Cod hanging over the display!)
The first fish monger that sucked us in gave us samples of salmon jerky and smoked salmon, OMG! They were delicious, especially the jerky. The produce stands were next with beautiful Honeycrisp Apples and Starkrimson Pears, oh, and juicy red grapes for HH. We sampled and moved on, agreeing to not make purchases until we were on the return trip.

Next we passed the pasta stand; they were sampling chocolate fettuccine suggesting that you add a creamy sweet sauce for dessert – how decadent! Then we were at a fork in the road, HH was hoping I didn’t spy the tea shoppe, too late! In we ventured, and they were sampling a house special market tea of cinnamon and orange – naturally sweet and delicious. I was sure we would not pass that again, so I had to buy some.

We kept meandering, passing what must have been the first Starbucks as you could hardly get in – I don’t know that one more person could have FIT in the shop, it was overwhelming. I kept an eye out for the first Sur La Table; I had read that they originated at Pikes Place Market also. We saw the famous pig statue, and as HH commented “I wonder how many people have touched that.” We continued without touching the pig.

We were getting hungry, had looked at a few menus, were beginning to feel the plethora of teriyaki places and decided to go back to the fish and chips we saw earlier. We stopped at Athenian’s with a view of the water (of course) and both ordered fish and chips. HH also got the frosty-est mug of beer we had ever seen.

As we waited patiently for our order, we contemplated what we would by on the way back to the car and how delicious our fish should be considering we were in Seattle. Our fish and chips arrived and…

They were…orange – this is not the cameras fault; this is the color of the fish!

Our waitress was off to service others, so we looked at one another encouragingly and dove in. The fish tasted fine, the color was just not what we anticipated. Finally, as we were about half way through with our fish, I was able to flag the waitress down and ask why the fish was orange. She said,”It’s the cornmeal batter (so far this makes sense) that reacts with the oil. The orange becomes more prominent as the oil gets older. One more shade of orange and they will change the oil in the kitchen. I actually like the fish about a shade lighter than that, and then it’s perfect.”

Boy, maybe it’s just me, but that is NOT how I would be “selling” orange battered fish! I think I would take the approach of “It’s the cornmeal batter that interacts with the oil. As the oil becomes more seasoned, it enhances the color and flavor of the fish.” Now doesn’t that sound better! Don’t tell me that the oil is past where you like it and just about too used to serve, that’s not appealing! My goodness!

Anyway, after our first round of fish and chips in Seattle, we set off to get our grapes, beautiful red Starkrimson Pears, bountiful Honeycrisp Apples, super moist smoked salmon, 8/10 count jumbo shrimp and the most amazing jerk salmon I have ever tasted (the only one too, but who’s keeping track!)

Pikes Place Market, a success.


  1. What a great way to spend part of a day - shopping and eating. My cup of tea(pun intended).

  2. Oh boy. That's hilarious. "Yea, then my boss recycles it into fuel for his '67 Dodge Dart." Whatever.....