Chili Dogs and Man Food

For the 2010 premier of NFL season, I thought I would serve up some Man Food at the Diner. I decided the special would be chili dogs – hearty, filling, no vegetables insight, “steak” included (tube steak, that is.)

I told HH what was going to be on the menu for NFL season premier, Saints vs. Vikings, “chili dogs, real Man Food!” I said, with great enthusiasm. I was informed, “That’s not football food. You can’t eat a chili dog at the stadium, it’ll get everywhere. And it’s not Man Food.” I was shocked and taken aback!

HH informed me that I like chili dogs, chili cheese dogs to be exact, much more than he does. “Wings are what we need for the start of football season - wings and cheesy garlic bread.” Now that doesn’t sound like stadium food to me either, but what do I know! I only go to one game a year, and it’s pre-season!

So last Thursday, for the kick-off of the 2010 football season, I had chili cheese dogs and HH had wings and cheesy garlic bread. Everyone was happy.

I have learned something new this football season - just because no vegetables are involved, don’t assume it’s Man Food.


  1. Aren't ketchup or BBQ sauce considered vegetables? They are made with tomatoes? Or would it be a serving of fruit?

  2. I prefer BBQ sauce, and I think it's stretching it to consider it a veggie (or fruit!), although HH might side with you!