Tomatoes Galore!

The bumper crop of tomatoes continues; that will happen when you plant seven plants and have a volunteer from last October! So the sweet summer tomato fest continues at the Diner with:

Burgers on the grill with tomato slices as thick as the burgers
Deep dish pizza with tomatoes
BTL’s with lots of “T”
Scrambled omelets with spinach, tomatoes, cheese and avocados
Home-made tacos with beautiful red, delicious tomatoes
Caprese salad, so delicious

I really do plan on canning some this summer to make marinara sauce in the fall – anyone have canning instructions/recipe to share?

In the meantime, each meal at the Diner is served with tomatoes, and all of our friends and neighbors are enjoying tomatoes too!


  1. My, what fabulous photos!! My mouth is reallllly watering!

  2. I'm getting better and better with my new camera, and the food setting! Thanks!