Emergency Preparedness

HH brought an article home the other day. It’s been sitting on the lunch counter, and I thought I would share it with all my Diners. It’s an article about foods to have on hand in case of an emergency, whether man-made or created by Mother Nature.

Here it goes:

Peanut Butter – we have plenty of that, both Jif crunch and nature crunch
Nuts and trail mix – well, we have some, but the nuts that have been sitting there the longest are the almonds which are no longer crunchy and the peanuts in a can that are so salty I can hardly stand them! And the Wild West trail mix is all gone; have to wait until it’s on sale again at Henry’s
Cereal – does knock-off Frosted Flakes count?
Granola bars and power bars – the only thing close are the Fiber One bars and they gave HH and I such stomachs after the first try, I’m not sure this works in an emergency!
Dried fruits – Yick. Oh! I have craisins, that will work!
Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey – canned tuna √
Canned vegetables – I grew up on these and refuse to eat any put canned corn IN something; HH will do better with his canned peas and green beans than I will “in case of an emergency”
Canned soups and chili – tomato for me; vegetable for HH; Oh! And the fixin’s for Baby Dipper Dip – canned chili, canned tamales, just need some cream cheese
Bottled water – Hmm, I thought we were supposed to be getting away from this and the five gallon jug is a bit challenging; I’ll have to work on this
Sports drinks – there’s one bottle of Gatorade in the frig, but have you read the ingredients list lately? There’s some kind of oil substance in it, and that’s just not right!
Powdered milk – I don’t think I have EVER had this in my cupboard
Sugar, salt, and pepper – check, check and check
Multivitamins – do they still need to be current?

Well, I hope this has been helpful to you diners. Also, please do what we have done at the Diner, create an evacuation list. Now this should not come as any surprise to some of you that the Diner has a list! HH and I did this a few years ago, and I updated it and made sure I was ready during the wildfires three years ago.

Be prepared!


  1. Do not forget the wine and chocolate.Please. Much more important than vitamins!

  2. I totally agree! Red and dark, right?