Canning - Day Two (Who Knew!)

So, Canning – Day Two...
After Day One taking longer than I anticipated, I started earlier and closed the Diner for the day, just in case.

I had all the tomatoes, onions and garlic prepped from Day One; I knew the process; had the stock pots out and the oil ready for sautéing – I was ready!

I went out and found two more large tomatoes that were ready for harvesting and prepped them real quick to all the process as many “into the pool” as possible! Today was going to be sauce and quart, wide-mouth jars (HH offered to go out at the end of the day on Day One to get more, it was obvious I needed more!)

But sauce meant cooking down, pureeing the hot liquid, straining, cooking down, and then canning! So what started off as “an earlier day” didn’t take any less time, that’s for sure.

On Day One I got 11 pint jars of tomatoes. On Day Two I got four (4) quart jars and one (1) pint jar. I would say I could have used more tomatoes (there was more room in the stock pot for the cooking down process), but the pureeing and straining of the hot liquid was a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, I had time to clean up the splatter of RED in the kitchen before anyone might notice. Although, who knows what will be found in days to come…

I realized after everything was done that I had forgotten one step on Day Two – getting the bubbles out of the jars before the final “hot bath” – that’s not a problem, right? If they didn’t explode in the hot bath, they’ll be fine…I hope.

I did take SS’s advice and put them out in the garage for storage instead of the pantry. If one explodes it won’t cover all the other food – just the golf clubs and fishin’ poles. Don’t tell HH!

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