Fair Food Favorites #7 - Apple Tower

Note: Hot Dog on a Stick lesson for Wednesday, June 23 has been moved to Friday, June 25 at 2 PM - for those interested, please mark your calendar.

Apple Tower. Have you ever had a caramel apple at a fair? An apple on a stick (of course), with a thick layer of caramel or cinnamon caramel all around. A flat top when it’s handed to you because it is set stick side up when it’s still warm from it’s caramel “bath.” As you take the first bite, what happens? You get a sticky mess all over your face!

That may be okay for kids, but for adults, the Apple Tower is a dream come true. A sliced green apple in a bowl or tall cup with warm caramel drizzled over the top and oozing deep into the cup to cover all the apple slices. With a fork or toothpick, you can access each slice of crunchy, tart, gooey sweetness and not have the caramel all over your face.

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