Fair Food Favorites #3 - Hot Dog on a Stick

There is no question what my favorite Fair Food is – Hot Dog on a Stick. This is NOT to be confused with a corn dog. Hot Dog on a Stick is a brand, hand dipped and fried to order, so be patient.

The perfect pairing for the Hot Dog on a Stick is the Cheese Stick that is served at the same stand, it’s like a grilled cheese sandwich to go. And to wash it all down, a lemonade, or my new favorite, a berry lemonade.
One year when I was working at the California State Fair I wanted to see how many of the 18 days I could enjoy the Hot Dog on a Stick trilogy in a row. I went 11 days. I had my favorite Fair Food combination two more times before the end of Fair, but 11 days straight was my limit.

This year at the San Diego County Fair, we also have Fair Food Behind the Scenes each day at 1 PM, yesterday was…Hot Dog on a Stick! What fun!!


  1. My FAVORITE, too! Although the deep fried Pop Tart does intrigue me... Who handles the "Tums" concession?

  2. You should get on the circuit with the TUMS concession. Or persuade TUMS to be their new marketing coordinator, they would think you are genius!