Fair Food Favorites #11 - Pignotti's Pasta

Pignotti’s Pasta. Reno Pignotti and his wife Elaine started this and Reno’s Fish and Chips. Now their daughter, Cathy, and her husband Ken run them. If you like Italian food, Pignotti’s is a must at the Fair. Their ravioli are wonderful. I’ve had the lasagna, and now they have the ever popular meatball sliders. DiAnne and I had the tortellini dinner, it was delicious.

The only thing I wish they would do, in addition, is open a restaurant so I could enjoy their food year-round.

A side note – when I was in Encinitas, I would see Reno move his trailers into the property above my place during the off-season. I knew the fair season was done when Reno showed up in the fall.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I liked the sauce and I am VERY picky about my red sauce.

  2. Pignotti's Italian Food has been my favorite at the Fair for many years. They prepare the best pesto sauce that I have tasted. I have always been satisfied with their consistent friendly, efficient service. The best food at the Fair on all accounts.

  3. Pignotti's Italian food at the Fair looked like a good place to eat. I had the flat bread and loved it! You can tell the bread base is freshly made yeast dough, baked soft but cripsy and the sliced peppers, red and green, onions and cheese and sauce were the best! I was totally surprised!