Fair Food Favorites #1 - Rose's

Rose’s Chorizo Burrito. Once a week, or so, during the San Diego Co. Fair, DiAnne and I enjoy a deliciously warm, lightly spicy and the-perfect-way-to-start-the-day chorizo burrito from Rose’s. Although the Fair starts tomorrow, we just could not wait and had one for brunch.

DiAnne and I always share so we can have another later in the week if we want. These burritos are just to-die-for on an overcast morning on the coast of San Diego County when you know the day ahead will last at least ten hours. Warm, toasted flour tortilla, chorizo, egg, potatoes, cheese, a little salsa…mmmmm.

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  1. ROSE'S. I am jealous. YUMMM. that is the food of champions.