Seven Layer Dip

Yesterday at the Diner we had a little shindig with some friends and our favorite Seven Layer Dip arrived with our friends S&J. I’m not sure if S&J’s Seven Layer Dip is unique at all, but it is always delicious.

Seven layers of, basically, a tostada that you dip your chips into to enjoy. As you go through the layers, a little of all seven in each bit, you notice the melted cheddar cheese, the fresh tomatoes, the refried beans, some beef, and the delightfully spicy (yet not too hot) jalapeños. I like this last kick the most! Relaxing on a “summer” evening in the patio of the Diner with friends and a cool beverage in hand, what could be better? (The enchiladas were pretty good too!)


  1. I never get tired of this classic.

  2. And the froggy plate makes it so contemporary - or something...