Handsome Husband

A friend of mine was recently visiting the Diner and said he didn’t know what “HH” stood for. He knew WHO he was, but could not figure out the initials. At first he thought it was “His Royal Highness,” but there was no “R” in the mix. Finally he figured out that it was Handsome Husband.

When I first started writing about Handsome Husband (HH) in January 2009, I referred to him in a few entries just that way, as “Handsome Husband (HH).” I realize there may be a few new visitors to the Diner and perhaps it is time to remind everyone that HH stands for my Handsome Husband.

If you look in the column on the right hand side of the Diner and scroll down, you will see that there are a number of Diner entries that include HH. The first one was one of my favorites, showing HH’s creativity – it’s about the rolling pins.

So if you are new to the Diner, or just visiting more often, let me introduce you to HH, my Handsome Husband.


  1. I know who HH is!!! But I'm still lusting over the Huevos Rancheros....YUM

  2. Did you realize, previously, who "HH" is? Or did this post help?

    Does the parrot place by you have Huevos Rancherso? If so, I'll have to try them in July.

  3. I saw it in the "key" at the bottom of one of your posts long ago. I'll check Los Pericos next time we go(at least once a week). Their chili verde is the best! P.S.-Do you realize Lyle Lovett will be in San Jose Thurs. Garlic Festival Eve?

  4. I didn't know Lyle would be in San Jose then, I just knew I was going to miss him this year in San Diego because I'll be in Gilroy when he performs at Humphrey's.