Food Update

I apologize; it has been so long since I last posted on the Diner, I’m sure some of you may have thought the Diner closed down for good. It hasn’t.

I have been so busy with chefs and scheduling, Slow Food and California’s Unique Agricultural Commodities, banners and mobiles, drapes and moveable walls, staff, cleaning supplies, catering supplies, refrigerators, lumber orders, classic candy, seasoned cookbooks, Candy Isle, demo kitchen, competition kitchens, flooring, scents (birthday cake, cinnamon roll, pink cotton candy) and the list goes on.

I need to write about Huevos Rancheros and all I seem to have time for is planning the Taste the Fun experience and the tantalizing Tour of Taste exhibit at this year’s San Diego County Fair – it’s just four weeks away!

Hang in there with me, I promise to get back to the Diner regularly in a few weeks.

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