Seven Layer Dip

Yesterday at the Diner we had a little shindig with some friends and our favorite Seven Layer Dip arrived with our friends S&J. I’m not sure if S&J’s Seven Layer Dip is unique at all, but it is always delicious.

Seven layers of, basically, a tostada that you dip your chips into to enjoy. As you go through the layers, a little of all seven in each bit, you notice the melted cheddar cheese, the fresh tomatoes, the refried beans, some beef, and the delightfully spicy (yet not too hot) jalapeƱos. I like this last kick the most! Relaxing on a “summer” evening in the patio of the Diner with friends and a cool beverage in hand, what could be better? (The enchiladas were pretty good too!)


Handsome Husband

A friend of mine was recently visiting the Diner and said he didn’t know what “HH” stood for. He knew WHO he was, but could not figure out the initials. At first he thought it was “His Royal Highness,” but there was no “R” in the mix. Finally he figured out that it was Handsome Husband.

When I first started writing about Handsome Husband (HH) in January 2009, I referred to him in a few entries just that way, as “Handsome Husband (HH).” I realize there may be a few new visitors to the Diner and perhaps it is time to remind everyone that HH stands for my Handsome Husband.

If you look in the column on the right hand side of the Diner and scroll down, you will see that there are a number of Diner entries that include HH. The first one was one of my favorites, showing HH’s creativity – it’s about the rolling pins.

So if you are new to the Diner, or just visiting more often, let me introduce you to HH, my Handsome Husband.


Huevos Rancheros

The best Huevos Rancheros I have ever had were in Puerto Vallarta at the Ocho Cascadas resort in the penthouse made by Chila the “cook.” Technically, Chila is the cook assigned to the penthouse at Ocho Cascadas. In reality, Chila is the authentic food magician who makes the most amazing homemade Mexican food I have ever tasted.

When HH and I visited two years ago with his Uncle Forrest at Ocho Cascadas, we were able to select what we wanted for breakfast (and lunch and dinner) just about every day. At the first opportunity, I selected Huevos Rancheros. We sat at the table under the covered patio, enjoying the unobstructed view of the ocean and were served the most amazing Huevos Rancheros I have ever had. When Forrest asked me what I wanted the next morning, I hesitated for a moment and said “Huevos Rancheros.” If I had the opportunity, I was going to have them every morning we were there. That option was not favored by all, but I was able to have Chila’s amazing eggs, and other delights, day after day.

Wonderful eggs, homemade refried beans, homemade salsa, the freshest tortillas ever, fresh squeezed orange juice; great company, a spectacular view, so amazing!

Now back home and back to reality, the closest thing to Chila’s Huevos Rancheros are the Huevos Rancheros at Shirley’s Restaurant, just down the street from the Diner. Shirley’s Huevos Rancheros are the first ones I fell for, and have not found any as good near the Diner.

A few weeks ago, my friend TT and I enjoyed a Sunday breakfast at Shirley’s and I had (of course) Huevos Rancheros while TT enjoyed the Eggs Benedict. TT let me sample a bit and the Eggs Benedict were delicious too!
I continue to think about, and savor the taste, of Chila’s Huevos Rancheros.


Food Update

I apologize; it has been so long since I last posted on the Diner, I’m sure some of you may have thought the Diner closed down for good. It hasn’t.

I have been so busy with chefs and scheduling, Slow Food and California’s Unique Agricultural Commodities, banners and mobiles, drapes and moveable walls, staff, cleaning supplies, catering supplies, refrigerators, lumber orders, classic candy, seasoned cookbooks, Candy Isle, demo kitchen, competition kitchens, flooring, scents (birthday cake, cinnamon roll, pink cotton candy) and the list goes on.

I need to write about Huevos Rancheros and all I seem to have time for is planning the Taste the Fun experience and the tantalizing Tour of Taste exhibit at this year’s San Diego County Fair – it’s just four weeks away!

Hang in there with me, I promise to get back to the Diner regularly in a few weeks.