Tres Leches Cake

Once again inspired by my Food Network Magazine, I attempted the Tres Leches Cake recently since HH loves milk!

I followed the directions, did what it said, then got really worried… The directions called for baking the relatively small cake (8” x 8” baking pan); poking holes in the cake then adding the 42 ounces of milk! That’s 5 ¼ cups of milk!

The milk was a combination of whole milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. I felt like I was flooding the cake, and how on earth was it really going to fit in the little square pan?! It almost didn’t. The milk mixture came to within an 1/8” of the top of the pan, so I took some out. How was I even going to transfer it to the refrigerator to finish?

Anyway, the recipe said to let the cake sit with the milk mixture for at least one hour or overnight. I could barely wait one hour. I took it out, had a slice, it was good but I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about. I stuck the pan (and remaining 8/9ths of the cake) back into the refrigerator overnight, with the excess milk mixture pooling into the corner of the missing piece – I should have left it overnight to begin with.

I wouldn’t let HH look at the cake, let alone have any, until the next day. We took the cake out of the frig, with the empty corner still pooling with milk mixture – this didn’t look good; HH was very skeptical. We sampled it, not bad; very moist (how could it not be!) I tipped the cake pan over the sink to drain all that extra milk mixture, and surprisingly the only extra was the little bit in the corner of the missing piece. All of the other liquid had been absorbed – Wow!

I had a second piece, tasting it as it should be after soaking over night. The cake was very moist, almost custard like, although still not quite the “perfect picture” as in the May 2010 issue of the magazine. Maybe I’ll have to bug my friend Luis to see it there is a better version in his household – just like that fabulous molĂ©!

P.S. - The photo is NOT what my cake looked like, but what it was supposed to look like. I promise to add my photo on the next attempt.

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