Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine Alfredo, or Big Spaghetti and White Sauce as HH likes to call it. It is a Diner, after all, so maybe Big Spaghetti and White Sauce is a better fit anyway.

HH likes Alfredo sauce. I like Alfredo sauce. I have tried to make Alfredo sauce from scratch from about, I don’t know, five to seven different recipes. It just hasn’t worked – until now!

I found this recipe in the March 2010 edition of the Food Network Magazine (page 89 if you are looking for it). It looked delicious, sounded simple, and was a little different than other Alfredo’s I’ve tried. Then I got some really good, really authentic pasta for my summer food project from Pasta Bob (that’s what I call him) of Maestri Pastai USA. With a simple recipe and some great pasta, I thought I would give it a try.

So the difference in this recipe compared to the others I have tried is the ingredient of one egg yolk. I also made sure I had a good chunk of parmesan cheese to use.

Because the pasta is so authentically Italian, and made in Italy, I got to use the largest stock pot I have to accommodate the significantly long fettuccine. I waited until the pasta was done, like the recipe said, until I started the Alfredo so I would not overcook it.

As I was preparing things and got to the egg yolk part, I felt like I had OD’ed on eggs today – scrambled omelet for breakfast, a pound of eggs for the poundcake, and one more for the Alfredo! Oh well, I’m not having my cholesterol checked tomorrow.

I finished the Alfredo and it actually started to thicken, combined with the fettuccine, got the warm bread from The Good Oven and served. Voila! Successful Alfredo, and so delicious with the good pasta.

Next time perhaps broccoli and a little chicken, and it will be just like HH’s favorite dish at Marie Callendar’s.


  1. We love alfredo sauces and have found 3 that we like. I love your back splash!

  2. I love the back splash, too! Yard sale, 25 cents each - less than a $1 investment to accent The Good Oven.

  3. Looks yummy! You know next time you're up this way (other than GarFest) we should get you over here for a Kathryne/Lauren/The Donald ravioli lesson. I can see you with the BIG board, the BIG form and the BIG rolling pin! Flour a-flyin'....

  4. I would LOVE that! Maybe I will have to arrive in Gilroy early this year for a ravioli lesson. How exciting!!