A New Oven

A new oven arrived this morning to the Diner! One that does what it’s told (I hope). One that doesn’t burn things. One that doesn’t cook unevenly. One that actually heats at 350º when told, not 500º because it wants to. One that doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Isn’t it beautiful! Isn’t it lovely!

Well, there are finger prints on it already from the install, so I’ll have to get some special cleaner for that. The fact that it oven has the potential to listen and do what it’s told is a wonderful thing!

By the way, I do apologize for the extreme length between posts; it’s just been very busy lately. I have a few stories to tell and hope to write those this weekend so there will be new posts soon. Hang in there! New delectable dishes are on the way!


  1. It is beautiful!! Have you named it yet? That's a Bevilacqua thing you know... Happy Baker-ing

  2. I have noticed the Bevilacqua's name things that don't necessarily need to be named. Maybe it should be called "The Baker," although it will do more than baking.