"My" Very Own Girl Scout

Last year, I shared the story of why Girl Scout Cookie time is so important to me. And about “my” very own Girl Scout, Miss Audrey Rose. Also, about the 2,000 mile trek the cookies make from Miss Audrey’s house to the Diner.

Again this year, “my” very own Girl Scout Miss Audrey gave me her best sales pitch and I bought ten (10) boxes of GS cookies – that’s down two (2) boxes from last year due to shipping costs. Once again Miss Audrey was amazed and excited about just how many boxes Auntie Holly bought. The excitement in Miss Audrey’s voice when she realized how many I was buying makes it all worth it!

And now the Diner is down to its last box of Girl Scout Cookies – Thin Mints. As exciting as ordering and receiving the cookies are, it is just as sad that the last box is almost gone.

It’s back to baking homemade chocolate chip cookies – in my new oven!

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