The Good Oven

I know it’s just an oven, but it is clearly a “big deal” at the Diner.

The new oven has officially been named “The Good Oven.” Named for its exemplary behavior and cooking ability. The Good Oven’s area has even been adorned with some “Diner” inspired décor. It’s just so good; it needed a little something extra.

Last night provided a few new tests – Italian dinner. I had a new type of pasta I am using Maestri Pastai from my new friend Pasta Bob. It’s beautiful and tasty pasta, not the normal store-bought stuff. Some red sauce, I finally found the store-brand (in caught-short-on-time) situations when I can’t make the every so delicious Art’s Special Sauce. I added Tarantino’s Sausage, from here in San Diego. And garlic bread.

The pasta water cooked on the new BIG burner for just that purpose, bringing a pot of water to a boil quickly. The sausage cooked in the oven evenly, and the sauce was just fine. Everything was going along just swimmingly.

Then the true test…Garlic Bread. HH asked if we were having any, I responded “yes.” He said, “Oh, the true test of the new oven.”

The new oven actually has two broiler settings – hi and lo! What to do! So I went with the hi – why not!? The garlic bread went in; I diligently watched the bread, hoping the timer, i.e., smoke detectors, would not go off. The browning took longer than in the old oven. I turned the pan around to make sure there would be even browning – I always had to do that before.

The garlic bread came out, brown, not black! I served it. I called HH to the table. He looked at the garlic bread and said, “What’s that?” “Garlic Bread,” I said quizzically. He said, “I don’t recognize it. You’ve never served me garlic bread that looks like that! It looks…like…garlic bread!”

Deliciously browned and toasty, not burned and black and unevenly cooked. And viola! The Good Oven.

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