Super Bowl Sunday

When I look up “Super Bowl Sunday” in the dictionary, this is what I read: “The one day of the year that you can eat all the crap you want at one time and get away with it – at least mentally.” Remember, I said “when I look up…” It’s my dictionary; I can interpret it however I want!

Yesterday HH and I went to the grocery store, always a concern what might come home with us when we go together, although not yesterday. When we were unpacking the groceries I realized that per capita, there was more processed food brought into the Diner in one day than any other day of the year.

We have:
Jumbo bag of peanut M & M’s (on sale and the same price as the large bag!)
Nacho Cheese Doritos
Chili Cheese Fritos, I already have sour cream to dip them in
Ginger Snap cookies
Lemon cookies
Rocky Road ice cream
Chicken wings
Thomas’ English Muffins (buy one get one free for Super Bowl breakfast!)
Money Bag appetizer (there are some vegetables in this, that was my excuse)
Jell-O mousse chocolate mousse cups
Avocados and chips earlier in the week for guacamole
Red and green grapes
Wild West trail mix with nuts, raisins and two kinds of M & M’s
Panko coated shrimp for frying
Wheat Thins to go with the Rondele garlic & herb spread we’ve been saving
Beer on-hand if needed, and lots of soda
And if necessary, there is pizza leftover from earlier in the week

The menu is planned, our bellies are primed, and my work-out clothes await me tomorrow.

Let the Show begin!

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  1. Sounds like a party! Enjoy and have a great night.