Three Recipes, One Successful Day

The New Year started off with a bit of a challenge, the oven wasn’t working properly. What I intended to be a weekend of cooking, ended up being a day. But unlike Three Recipes, One Long Weekend, these three recipes in one day went well!

With all the Christmas cookies gone, I decided the Diner needed to be whined off sweets by making cupcakes! It actually does make sense, especially with a resident Cookie Monster (HH); I thought we needed a way to slowly back off the sweets. So I made Red Velvet cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting and Egg Nog cupcakes with Egg Nog icing.
We sampled them at the Diner, enjoyed them this weekend, and starting this afternoon anyone remotely close to the Diner is getting cupcakes! The fewer we have sitting around, the better for my apron strings.

The third recipe in this trilogy was the dinner special – Orecchiette with Bolognese and Italian Sausage. Okay, so that’s the fancy way of saying pasta with meaty red sauce (Art’s Special Sauce) and some bite-size chunks of Italian Sausage. It just sounds so much better as “Orecchiette with Bolognese and Italian Sausage.” When HH asked what the special was and I rolled off “Orecchiette with Bolognese and Italian Sausage,” he looked a bit concerned. Then when I served it he said, “Oh, spaghetti with, what are these chunks?” Now doesn’t “Orecchiette with Bolognese and Italian Sausage” sound so much better?

Orecchiette for two; mine with extra cheese and using-the-smoke-alarm-as-the-timer for the garlic bread on the left, HH's with extra Italian sausage and lightly toasted garlic bread on the right.

It was a successful day.

Oh and how did I get the oven working again? Because you can’t bake cupcakes with the oven working at 500º+! Holly’s Diner has a resident appliance repair man, HH! He was a Magic Chef Repair man in another life. Boy does he wear a lot of hats at the Diner – Cookie Monster, Head Cupcake Taster, Pasta-naming Simplifier, and All-Around Handyman (including appliance repair man.) What would I do without him?!

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope your cooking adventures are all “a success” in 2010!


  1. Spaghetti, again? haha

    I'm with you, “Orecchiette with Bolognese and Italian Sausage” sound so much better!

  2. Thanks, Chris, I'll keep it on the menu that way.