Chocolate and Vanilla, Vanilla and Chocolate

It seems to be a cupcake year, not a cake year in 2010.

Currently featured at the Diner, we have Grandma Chocolate Mayonnaise (cup)Cake(s) with vanilla frosting. It’s the family recipe I received in November at HH’s family reunion.

These cupcakes are really good and sooo moist! As I was trying to frost them, if I wasn’t careful, the cake would fall apart in my hands. And although HH doesn’t remember his Grandma making this cake, he is sure she would approve of the cupcake version.

Next - Vanilla Bean Cupcakes, a Paula Deen recipe, with dark chocolate frosting. If you follow any Paula Deen recipe as it’s written, you can’t go wrong. And that’s what I did with these cupcakes. I probably could have used a fresher vanilla bean, but it was fine for the first try. (I think my vanilla bean has been hanging around for about ten years.) And my fat substitute would have been healthier than a cup of oil, but I gotta go with the recipe as it’s written at least the first time.

The frosting was nothing to write home about in either case, but were fine in a pinch, especially with HH and others anxiously awaiting fresh baked treats from the kitchen!

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