Twelve Days of Cookies - First Day

I love Thanksgiving for all the savory, hearty, traditional dishes that are served.

And I love Christmas for all the sweet, delicious bite-sized treats that are served!

To celebrate one of my favorite sweet treats, Holly’s Diner is kicking off The Twelve Days of Cookies!

The Twelve Days of Cookies are about the butter and the sugar (granulated, confectioners and brown), the flour and the vanilla, the orange zest and the spices.

The Twelve Days of Cookies are about the soft, creamy cookie dough to sample (again and again) before the cookies are baked. About the warm, delicious aromas escaping from the oven as the cookies rise and bake and turn golden brown.

The Twelve Days of Cookies are about the delectable first bite of the first cookie of the season, and about the extra 10 blocks I need to walk each morning for each cookie I eat! (I’m not ready for my fanny to be hanging on the ground and looking like Maxine yet, give me a few more years!)

If you are looking for cookie ideas, new and traditional, stop by the Diner for some ideas.

Let’s start with something traditional, my Cousin Mike’s favorite cookies – Nana’s Cocoa Cookies. I have the recipe on a recipe card Nana typed out, that is clearly her manual typewriter, and she typed “(Mikes’ favorite)” at the top so she would remember.

Nana’s Cocoa Cookies

Have measured and ready to mix

3 cups quick Oatmeal
½ cup peanut butter
¼ cup cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
Misx (Nana’s typo) well and bring to rapid boil for one minute 2 cup sugar—1/4 pd. Margarine (or butter at the Diner) and ½ cup milk.

After this ahs (Nana’s typo, no computers or liquid paper available at the time) boiled pour over above mixture drop on wax paper in small balls and let cool.

(This one’s really messy, so be ready with the wax paper!)


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