The Quest - Part V

The Quest continues with a Christmas update…

Although I continue to look for MTAOFC at yard sales and thrift stores, Julia’s gem still evades me.

I was inspired again this Christmas season by finally watching Julie & Julia, I wanted to love it since when I read the book almost two years ago, it is what inspired me to start Holly’s Diner. I have to say I enjoyed both books (Julie & Julia, and My Life in France) more than the movie, although I loved Meryl Streep! My thirst for MTAOFC was renewed.

Then a surprise for Christmas, my step-mom Anna, gave me all of my great Aunt Mary’s cookbooks! The cookbooks had been boxed up in 1996 when Uncle Phil died, and Anna and I have talked about them only recently. Anna immediately said, “There’s no MTAOFC.” But there were other treasure, for sure!

Come into the Kitchen with Jackie by Jackie Olden of KNX (personally signed to Aunt Mary)
The Mike Roy Cookbook No. 2 by Mike Roy KNX (with Aunt Mary’s cooking notes)
Elena’s Secrets of Mexican Cooking by Elena Zelayeta (I'm going to share this one with SS, remind her of a "taste of childhood" since she's in the South.)
Chafing Dish Cookery – 1950 (This I’m packing away with Grandma Helen’s chafing dish, which I inherited in 2000 but have yet to use it.)
The New York Times Cook Book by Craig Claiborne (Just like the copy I found in Fresno, but this was Aunt Mary’s! I’m keeping this one!)
Microwave Cookbook, the Complete Guide
The Complete Book of Cheese
The California Cook Book
– 1946
Gourmet, the Magazine of Good Living, Volume 28, 1968
New Recipes for the Cuisinart
by James Beard and Carl Jerome
Avanelle Day’s Herb & Spice Sampler Cookbook
Holiday Favorites Presented by Professional Home Economists
– 1985
Successful Microwaving with Toshiba – 1982
The Sunset Casserole Book – 1965
Cooking with a Food Processor – 1978
Sunset Mexican Cook Book – 1972
Adventures in Wine Cookery – 1965
The Official Directory of Salt-Free Foods – 1979
American’s Favorite Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens – 1972

With these cookbooks, Aunt Mary covered two of the Big Three in American’s culinary history (James Beard, Julia Child, Craig Claiborne), but not Julia. (Sigh, heavy sigh.) The Quest continues…

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