Diner Drivin' Part 4

A road trip at Christmas to Phoenix – what better way to spend the holidays? HH and I headed down asphalt to visit family, yet made time to stop at one of Guy’s joints – Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ.

I remember the first time I saw the piece on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and thought what wonderfully, fresh food they served. When we found directions, with a description of the location that said “on the north side of the road in a grove of trees,” we thought really? Really! The map actually indicates that Joe’s is on the edge of “Agritopia,” how appropriate since they are known to cook what they grow.

As we drove up, it looked like an old cinder-block building in the middle of a park. As we walked up, we could see that the converted old house was fresh and shiny with stainless steel trim, yet rustic from 1960’s cinder-block, and as clean and inviting as could be all at the same time.

HH and I arrived at the beginning of lunch, right at 11 AM, there was another couple there but that was it. This was good for us since we need to really study the menu! They have burgers, salads, chicken, pizza, BBQ and “Farm Favorite.” After reading the entire menu, we both settled on the very first item – the Farm Burger.

The burgers are described as “local, natural, fresh ground chuck, on a buttered grilled bun with farm-fresh produce and a side of fries. Available cheeses: American, cheddar, Swiss, Fontina, blue.” I describe them as a hamburger with real flavor; a delicious soft and fresh, yet buttery grilled bun with well-melted sharp cheddar and awesome grilled onions! The tomatoes were pretty anemic, but what do you expect in December in the desert! The lettuce had flavor, and good green. And the fries were golden, crispy with just the right amount of salt (I know, I just acknowledged that salt is good!)

The condiment bar was beautiful – stainless, tons of possibilities and even a sign to remind guest to be “patient” when dispensing the mayo. I had ranch dressing and bbq sauce to dip my fries in; HH had his own concoction of mayo and ketchup. We both eat up and enjoyed every bite.

The outdoor dining area was a wonderful park setting with a huge old tree for shade, great for spring and fall in the desert. We chose to eat inside, since it was a little cool outside, and a storm was a-coming.

So the next time you are hitting the asphalt and land in the Phoenix area, take the 202 to Gilbert, get off at Higley and head toward Agritopia to find Joe’s Farm Grill – it’s definitely worth the trip!


  1. Totally remember this program..loved that everything was so fresh!

  2. It was delicious! Next time you are driving to Holly's Diner, you'll have to stop in Gilbert, AZ at Joe's!

  3. OMG that burger looks soooo good. I stopped eating red meat 3 months ago, and I'm starting to second guess that decision :P Why, oh why do I browse food blogs when I'm really hungry?