Thanksgiving Planning

It’s my favorite time of year, time for Thanksgiving planning!

That means lists, lists and more lists. It also means looking for sales. It means cooking for days just to eat a gut-busting meal in about 20 minutes (okay, maybe 30.) Then the clean-up follows and the leftovers – not my favorite part, but we’ll get to that later.

Now is the time for lists. I have two of them going right now: the Turkey Day list (what’s being served); and the Grocery List.

Since the Diner is open to family on Thanksgiving Day, there are a few extra things on the list (oh yeah, and there’s a family reunion the day after Thanksgiving, so there’s stuff on the list for that too – again, more on that later.)

Right now, here’s how it’s looking –

2009 Turkey Day List
Turkey – deep fried
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Corn Bread stuffing
Monkey bread (my sister-in-law’s recipe)
Green beans (NOT the casserole kind!)
Deviled eggs (my mother-in-law’s)
Fresh cranberry sauce (i.e., from scratch, it’s not that hard)
Canned cranberry “jelly”, I guess it is (I’ve succumbed to the pressure!)
Cranberry Waldorf salad
Apple Pie (Mrs. Smith’s deep dish is the best, and Daddy’s favorite)
Pumpkin Pie (by popular demand, not my favorite)

Broccoli salad
Deviled eggs (mother-in-law’s)
Bow tie pasta salad (sister-in-law’s)

Grocery List
Sour cream
Sweet potatoes 3
Orange peel 2
Apple 2
Onions – 3 yellow, 1 purple
Pillsbury biscuits 2
Green beans
Eggs 3 doz
Fresh cranberries
Can whole cranberries 1
Can cranberry jelly 1
Cranberry juice
Jell-O (lemon)
Walnuts (for 2 dishes)
Jar of gravy (for back-up)
Baking soda
Peanut oil
Ginger ale
Paper towels

Now, some might argue that I don’t need to make a list, I already have the Turkey Day lists from previous years and I’m doing the same thing, but I need a new list every year! How does one invite change if one continues to work off the same list year after year?! With a new list, too, I KNOW if things change when looking back from year to year. (By the way, things don’t change much at Thanksgiving, I just love making the stuff that, well, I love!)

These lists will stay attached to the refrigerator through Thanksgiving, changing in form as the big day gets closer and through all the food on the table. Let the process begin!

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