Thanksgiving Planning Update

In case you are following along in your Thanksgiving Planning, things have changed a little. Here’s the update:

2009 Turkey Day List
Turkey – smoked
Honey Baked Ham
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Corn Bread stuffing
Herbed Monkey bread (my sister-in-law’s recipe)
Green beans (NOT the casserole kind!)
Deviled eggs
Fresh cranberry sauce (i.e., from scratch, it’s not that hard)
Canned cranberry “jelly”, I guess it is (I’ve succumbed to the pressure!)
Cranberry Waldorf salad
Apple Pie (Mrs. Smith’s deep dish is the best, and Daddy’s favorite)
Key Lime Pie (my sister-in-law’s recipe)

The oil for the deep frying was just too expense this year, so we are smoking on the Weber.

HH is “dying” for a Honey Baked Ham, so again I’ve succumbed. We’ll have a ¼ ham.

The Monkey Bread is Herbed Monkey Bread.

The Green Beans will include craisins.

The Deviled eggs are now mine, since my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law are not going to make it.

Pumpkin Pie is out, since no one loves it, Key Lime Pie is in!

A couple of new things.

Two big trips to the grocery store done, still a small trip tomorrow. Hopefully that will be it!

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