Thanksgiving Feast

It has taken a few days to recuperate from the Thanksgiving Feast, but everything turned out spectacularly wonderful and delicious.

The List was done 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, plenty of time for revisions. There were 3 trips to the grocery store (I had only intended on two, but three were required.) I learned this trick a few years ago, never try to do all the Thanksgiving shopping at one time; you will inevitable have to make another trip. So now I plan two trips, but, well this year, anyway. There were 3 days to prep and cook. And within 30 minutes (or less) the meal was finished, but that’s how Thanksgiving goes.

The List worked well, as always, with small check marks beside each item as part of the prep was complete; a large check mark next to each one when the item was finished and ready to be served; and a line drawn through each item as it was placed on the table. I do this because one year I forgot the deviled eggs. The eggs sat in the refrigerator all during dinner, and were discovered when things were being condensed down to store after dinner. Very frustrating, although, clearly not missed.

Here’s a picture of the turkey when it was done cooking on the Weber grill.

HH’s sister and brother-in-law were here, as well as Anna (she’s camera shy.)

HH and I.

Finally, HH’s plate ready for him to dig in!


  1. Here via the Foodie Blogroll. I love the cookies but the bird on the Weber was what really won me over:)

  2. I'm glad you found the Diner. The Weber method, this year, was definitely a "keeper!" Thanks for stopping by.