Quote of the Day

I just ran across this quote in some food research I'm doing.

I'm not saying my wife's a bad cook, but she uses a smoke alarm as a timer.
by Bob Monkhouse, an English entertainer

HH thinks I use the smoke alarm as a timer, too.


  1. I have set the alarm (timer)off so much Ms. Bogey won't come into the kitchen anymore if the oven is on, she will lay near the kitchen but if I go to open the oven door she runs for the hills..sad the dog is so afraid when mom cooks :(

  2. I use the "timer" mostly when I make garlic bread. HH is almost to the point of standing, poised and ready, with the dish towel under the "timer" to fan the fumes when it goes off!

    Lightly charred bread is now a signature dish at Holly's Diner.