My Holiday Wish List

I am not trying to be PC and I’m not trying to solicit gifts. I actually have to put together a “holiday” wish list each year since my birthday is just before Thanksgiving, and so birthday and Christmas gifts are sometimes lumped together – it’s not a bad thing.

So this year I thought I would put my list out there – publically. No more retelling of the list. No more telling this person this part, and that person that part of the list. Here is the list, what I can think of right now, subject to change, for everyone to see!

More Diners Dive-Ins and Dives - Guy Fieri’s new book, the first one was delicious, I’m sure this one will be equally as mouth watering

The Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky, it’s a synopsis of the “America Eats” project the Federal government sponsored in the early 1940’s but was never published

• A Santoku knife - like what Rachael Ray uses and all the other chefs on cooking shows

• Some “spaghettoni” – I was given this a few years ago I think it was from Williams Sonoma, it was a spaghetti I liked and HH liked it too

• A microplane rasp grater or microplane paddle grater – for zesting, nutmeg and hard cheeses (HH is asking himself right now “what hard cheeses?” Just wait and see!)

• An oval enameled Dutch oven – just think of the meals “in-a-bowl” I could make!

• A grill pan or griddle with the “marks” on the bottom so I can get grill marks in the kitchen when grilling outside is not an option (be quiet, SS, I don’t want to hear it! There IS winter in San Diego and it does get cold – I have to put a sweat shirt on to keep warm!)

• A long weekend with nothing to do but cook and create and experiment with friends and family stopping by the Diner to sample the delicious morsels of the kitchen

And, finally, in case you haven’t been paying attention --
Mastering the Art of French Cooking – preferably “seasoned” but new would be fine, I will keep searching for a seasoned version at second-hand sources

I hope that helps some of you “wanting to know,” and gives others a few ideas for your own holiday list!


  1. VERY cute post and love the Thanksgiving lists, lists and more lists post too:) I thought I was a list maker, but usually not until a few days out, not weeks:)!!!

  2. Thanks Baley, I am all about the lists. Maybe this way someone will see my like and won't have to make one of their own!