Sing it with me, “Molé, Molé…” to the tune of Louie, Louie, what else!

Ahh, my adventures in Molé. You remember Three Recipes, One Long Weekend – my first attempt at mole ever. It just happen to land the day after HH had tasted Molé for the first time made by a wonderful home-cook with Hispanic heritage. How was I supposed to compete with that?!

My mole attempt last February was a from-scratch recipe that I slaved over and worried about, since I had never actually had mole before, it just sounded delicious. After my less-than-stellar attempt, I asked the husband of the home-cook if it would be possible to have the recipe (since I knew him, at the time, and not the home-cook). Luis was very generous (as was his wife, Diane) and shared the secret WITH ingredients!

I waited a few months, tried again and successfully made Chicken Molé Enchiladas. The timing was such there wasn’t time to report about it to you, Faithful Reader. I tried the enchiladas again the other day, with success a second time, here’s Diana’s recipe. (Hold on to your zapatos! It could not be any easier!)

Diana’s Molé for Holly’s Diner Chicken Molé Enchiladas

1. In a pan, put a tsp of olive oil or vegetable oil on low heat and melt a disk of Abuelita Chocolate. (Abuelita is in a cardboard octagon shaped box with about four thick disks of chocolate in it. The box is yellow with a picture of a smiling grandmother drinking a cup of hot chocolate on the front.)
2. Pour the whole content of Knorr Molé Pablano into the pan with the melted chocolate. (Knorr Molé Pablano is in one of those cardboard-ish pour containers.)
3. Add a little water until desired thickness.
4. Add cooked/shredded skinless/boneless chicken until warmed through and combined.
5. Place a cooking spoon full of the mixer on a flour tortilla to one side, roll tortilla and place in baking pan with some of the thinned mole in the bottom.
6. Bake at 350º for 25 – 30 minutes. Serve.

I used two chicken breasts for eight enchiladas. And this time I made it I could not find Knorr Molé Pablano (my sister-in-law searched for it on a trip to Mexico this past summer, so I should have some stock in a few weeks). In the meantime I used Doria Maria Molé (this is in a small glass jar) – a little spicier but not bad, and a lot thicker so it needed a lot more water (≈ 1 cup total).

The secret to Molé, ask someone who knows. Someone who will be generous and share their traditional family secrets of ease. Chicken Molé Enchiladas are a new “regular” at Holly’s Diner – HH approved.

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