Halloween in Homewood

The big Halloween Bash took place this past weekend in Homewood. After two years of planning, and even longer anticipation on SS’s part, the time had finally come! It was perfect and wonderful and scary and ALL of the little girls were scared happy the entire evening!

We started off the food prep by Miss Audrey Rose and I making Witches Fingers cookies. SS took some regular cookie dough, added a little green food coloring, mixed them together and let the dough firm up in the refrigerator. Miss Audrey Rose and took almonds and dyed them black. We them shaped the dough into fingers, placed the black almonds for “nails” and put indentations in the dough for knuckles, and baked according to the cookie dough instructions.

I have to say, the Witches Fingers looked more like Monsters Fingers, but it still worked – they still tasted fabulous. Unfortunately in all the commotion, I did not get a photo, but you get the picture.

Next were the Mummy Dogs. Take hot dogs, cut them in half for kid-size and leave whole for adult-size. We took breadstick dough from the refrigerator section of the supermarket and used about 2/3 of each bread stick for each ½ hot dog. Just use a pizza cutter placing three bread sticks together and making a few cuts, that way you will end up with enough for four Mummy Dogs kid-size. For the adult-size, you add about a third to each one.

Just be aware that as they sit, the mummy wrap starts to spiral itself off the bottom of the dog, but it’s all good; it tastes the same in the end. We also learned to cook them to the just brown shade instead of golden brown. Golden brown made the bread sticks too tough when they “hung out” at the party.
Next were the PB&J Pumpkins. SS had very thin white sandwich bread, which I gave her a hard time for at first (not whole wheat), but the bread was perfect for this project, any thicker and it would have been a challenge to cut. Smooth PB for kids and crunchy PB for the adults – cats were for the adults.
Then we moved onto the Grilled Cheese Ghosts – it was Colby cheese for the kids and pepper jack for the adults. Again, cats were for the adults. We cooked up way more than we needed, but by putting them in the oven with some foil over them the next day, the reheat was perfect!

Finally, we had Scarecrow Brains – popcorn, crushed pretzels (we didn’t have pretzel sticks), mixed nuts with a drizzle combo of 2 egg whites, a tsp each of garlic salt, onion powder, soy sauce, sugar (we nixed the curry because of the kids). The “drizzle” seasonings are whisked together until the egg whites start to peak, and then combine with the other ingredients. Put in oven at 350 for 30 minutes. Tastes great!

We had orange drink, water and lemon/lime drink and a dark rum/ginger ale combo for adults with “eye balls” floating with the ice. Plus werewolf cupcakes that another talented mother made. And, of course, candy galore.

We did the Monster Mash, a Costume Parade and the evening’s topper was the Haunted Basement with a “werewolf” and dead relative who did not know she was dead, a demented child and “Mr. Bones” from the graveyard.

Bodey the cat made a surprise appearance, apparently it was quieter in the Haunted Basement than in the “after” room where all the girls who had already toured were waiting – Bodey wanted nothing to do with that room!

The Hostess for the evening was “Wicked Winona” (SS) and the tour guide was Midge (me). Miss Audrey was a clown that night, but “Wednesday Adams” for Halloween – she was perfectly scary at both!

A fun time was had by all. It was the perfect recipe for a group of mostly eight year olds.

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