Not Enough Food

In order to get the word out about Holly’s Diner, I have been trying to “freshen” the look of the Diner, get Holly’s Diner listed on a few food blog lists and write more often.

I like the freshened look in the last month – no more black and white diner image in the background, the sub-header is better, the recipe page is a little easier to read, and the column on the left is better organized.

I applied to a few food blog lists to be added – foodblogblog.com is still considering us; the food blog search through Yahoo, I’m still working on complying with all their criteria (they want photos of all the recipes, so I’m working on that this Fall – get ready for “dinner in a bowl” HH!); and foodblogroll.com – Holly’s Diner was rejected due to not enough food content! They said the Diner had to be 80% about recipes! Oh well.

Although the Diner may not be all recipes, it IS all about food! Holly’s Diner may not fit the mold of the food blog directories that are out there, but the idea behind the Diner was NEVER “recipes all the time.” The idea behind the Diner is about how food affects my life and creates memories to cherish – even if they don’t taste good or are not perfect (I still have not mastered fried chicken, don’t worry HH I’ll be working on that again soon!)

In the meantime, I’m thrilled with the regulars at the Diner - whether you are a “follower” and showing your support, or just stopping by regularly leaving tips in the Tip Jar, like Ron.

Thanks everyone for your continued support, tell your friends and stop by anytime – who needs those stinking food blog lists anyway!

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