Chocolate Croissants

The first time I had a chocolate croissant was in college, when I worked at a little restaurant in downtown San Diego called Ciao Bella. It was my “first” for a lot of things – I first learned the proper way to open a bottle of wine (that took a lot of practice, and patience); I first experienced espresso, cappuccino and lattes – and learned to make them; I first experienced (and fell in love with) Sugar in the Raw; and I first experience chocolate croissants.

The croissants were delivered each day fresh and warm with the ribbon of chocolate still a bit runny in the middle from the warm pastry wrapped around it. I remember biting into the chocolate croissant with the flaky, buttery pastry layers crumbling apart and melting on my tongue. The pastry was immediately followed by the rich, warm delectable chocolate ribbon running right on top of it. The experience was a little slice of heaven.

Since then, 20+ (okay, maybe 25+) years ago, I have run across chocolate croissants only a few times. I wasn’t ever sure any other croissant could live up to that first perfect experience. This morning was one of them - I found chocolate croissants at Whole Foods in Fresno and bought one to take to a friend’s to share over coffee. Although the chocolate croissant was good this morning, it sure did not live up to my memory of “the first time.” It’s that always the case!?

What tantalizing first food experience do you remember?

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