More Homemade Tacos

Ahhh, homemade tacos, one of my favorites. If you’ve visited Holly’s Diner before, you have heard all about them in Homemade Tacos, but last night was a little different.

After the incredible tacos HH and I had at the Squeeze Inn in August, and as we need the end of homegrown tomato season, I was inspired to serve homemade tacos last night – but I cooked EVERYTHING last night. Usually HH is recruited to cook the meat and the shells, but I had a new supplier for tortilla shells and thought I would try everything myself.

HH arrived at the Diner, happily surprised to see that tacos were on the menu, and even happier that he did not have to cook! Now this was my third attempt at frying the taco shells in, let’s say, 13 years since my very first attempt was back in 1996 – I have not been very successful. I also wanted to try to fix them as we had experienced at the Squeeze Inn in Sacramento a few weeks ago – lightly fried flat, removed from the oil, grated cheddar cheese sprinkled on the shells and meat placed inside, then folded and dipped back in the oil. I realized that I actually needed a deep pot to do this and a lot more oil - that just wasn’t going to happen.

You can see from the photos the finished shell.

And the taco plate at Holly’s Diner – delicious!

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