Fork it Over for Kids

I went to Fork It Over for Kids, a fund-raiser at the Kroc Center this past weekend to see Sam the Cooking Guy for a research project – more on that next month. I left with a new appreciation for Sam the Cooking Guy, and having experienced my new favorite dessert – cinnamon chocolate apple wedges. Ohhhhh! They were “to die” for!

First, Sam the Cooking Guy - Sam is from San Diego, he has a cooking show (obviously), and cooks with short cuts which isn’t a bad thing but not the way I cook at the Diner. Anyway, Sam mingled with the crowd, especially the kids, during the mingling hour (there were no cocktails, so I hesitate to call it the “cocktail hour”). When it came time for Sam to “do his thing,” some demos of his recipe on stage, he was personable, humorous, scattered (he admitted it), and unapologetic about his cooking.

I would say Sam does, what I call, “guy” cooking. “What is the shortest path to something that will taste great, but is not so great for me” seemed to be his motto. The first thing he fixed was what he called a Canadian favorite – French fries with cheese curds and brown gravy over the top. Do you see what I mean?!

Anyway, Sam was very funny, with the audience roaring with laughter a few times at Sam’s expense which he was very okay with. Sam acknowledged his wife is a better cook, and he mostly loves the camera. And when a young lady asked when he started cooking he responded, “When I got a cooking show.” His path is interesting, and all about timing – it has to do with September 11, 2001, worth looking up.

Now on to the cinnamon chocolate apple wedges. There were a number of businesses at Fork It Over for Kids serving food, one of them was Edible Arrangements. When I asked the hostess what she was sampling, she responded and said they tasted like Julian Apple Pie, but better! How could that be, I thought. She was right!

The cinnamon chocolate apple wedges were Granny Smith apple wedges dipped generously in dark chocolate and sprinkled on one side with cinnamon. They were so delicious, I snuck back for seconds! They are not cheap, but worth replicating at home (or a Diner). I think I might have to develop a Holly’s Diner version!

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