Diner Drivin' Part 3

HH and I took a little road trip yesterday, close to home yet another stop on the Triple D Highway. Although HH and I have both been to El Indio before, it has been a few years, and never together, yet certainly a stop we wanted to make. So yesterday we hit the road, for 20 minutes, and viola! El Indio Restaurant in San Diego.

El Indio is a San Diego institution, it’s been around longer than I have, and longer than HH for that matter! I have some friends who have moved from way from San Diego, but a detour to El Indio is always a treasured stop when they visit. And if you want the perfect tortilla chips for your next party – it has to be El Indio, as far as I’m concerned. It’s the paprika on the chip that makes them so unique.

HH had a carnitas torta (amazing bread), I had the beef flautas (so scrumptious), and we brought home two (2) bags of tortilla chips (the best)! The chips are big and crispy with salt, paprika and a hint of lime – they’re calling my name right now!

El Indio is a must stop for locals and visitors, transplants or natives. Keep in mind El Indio has stood the test of time, the changing San Diego landscape, and the infinite number of chain taco shops that have popped up everywhere – this one’s an original.

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