Classic Squeeze

I just read an article about putting the squeeze on citrus – more commonly known as a juicing. The author was writing about freshly squeezed oranges and the best way to get there. She tried four (4) different juicers ranging in price from $7 to $50, and identifying the yield amount.

The juicer that yielded the most juice was the glass citrus juicer for $7 –exactly like the one at the Diner, sans the chip in the side from use!

The author talked about the juicer Granny used, how easy it was to use, and more important, how easy it was to clean up. She talked about that this glass juicer is an “ageless friend.”

I have Nana’s juicer. I have had it for almost 20 years. It is what I use to juice a half box of lemons and limes during the summer to make lemonade and limeade all summer long. It is what I use in the winter when neighbors and family have more oranges than they can handle, and I benefit with fresh squeezed orange juice for days.

Nana’s juicer is a treasured piece of equipment at the Diner. When a neighbor asked me last winter if I had a juicer, I responded “yes.” Then I thought about Nana’s simple glass contraption and the elbow grease required to produce a glass of fabulously sweet, beautifully bright, fresh squeeze orange juice – totally worth it! What better way to have a glass of orange juice than exactly the way my grandmother did.

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